Monday, May 25, 2015

dealing with small annoyances



Well my dear ones,



One day recently, while driving to work,

this other car cut in front of me,

and, driving slowly,

caused me to catch a light.


I was a little annoyed,

until I had a chance to see the plate,

and to get a look at the guy

as I pulled alongside in the other lane.


His license plate read “Disabled Veteran,”

and he looked like he could have been

in the Big One, WWII.


Now, instead of being slightly annoyed,

I’m thinking about Hitler,

the evils of Nazism,

and the heroic efforts of those

who stormed the beaches on D-Day

to begin the end

to Hitler’s mad plan.


I’m thinking,

if this disabled veteran had a hand in that,

I should be saluting him,

giving him a medal

(who knows? He may already have one).


Hence, this Memorial Day,

I decided to say a prayer and thank that man,

along with the other nearly 1.5 million

men and women who died so that I might

have the freedom to sit here

and type these words,

as well as those living,

who are working to ensure our freedoms

on a daily basis...God bless you all!


And the next time someone cuts me off,

or takes my place in line,

or does any of a myriad of things

to cause a small annoyance,

I’ll try to cut them some slack,


“God, perhaps this distracted person

did something really cool once,

something known to them and You alone.

For the sake of that,

please help me to think kindly of them.”


Wishing a blessed Memorial Day to all!


grace, peace, and love to you,



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