Monday, August 31, 2015

patience {as taught by animals =>}



Well my dear ones, is something, well,

of which I could use a lot more.


And I am learning it...very slowly

from some of our furry friends

...along with empathy.


We have a tiny adult male cat,

Jet Black,

who might weigh all of 4 pounds.

Each morning when I bring the food out,

and each evening when I bring it in,

he runs across the yard,

sits under my feet,

and just about trips me

until I pick him up

(along with all the food, water,

 and treats)

and carry him on my hip

over to Feeding station #4,

his preferred spot to

get his treats.


He’s our “pocket kitty,”

and it’s his job

to teach me empathy

toward those in life

that might need my help.




Now, as for patience...


Perhaps there is something

that you’ve been at for a long time

and you’re just about to give it up,

feeling like you are getting nowhere.


Well, let me tell you why it might

be good to hang in there

just a little bit longer.



Lexie (aka “Crunchie”)

is our little kitty with

a crooked, stubby tail;

nothing happened to it;

that’s just how she’s always been;

she’s a cute little spud, though.



Six years ago,

I stuffed her into a carrier

(got torn up in the process;

 I was new to animal rescue then;

 now I know better that to try

 and grab a feral cat,

 even a little one,

 without proper gear! #_#)

so we could take her in

and get her spayed.


She never forgot that day,

and for six years I haven’t

been able to pet her.


She will sit there, and cry

(you can hear her from

 30 yards away!) for treats;

she would let me put them

right under her nose;

but if I tried to per her,

I got cut.


Still, I hung in there;

I “talked” to her every day;

I put the treats down

right in front of her,

even after the times

when she had just cut me.


After six years of patience,

here is my reward:



Yes, I can pet the little thing,

but only from mid-back to tail,

never near her head;

she is very particular! *lol*

Still, at least now I can

finally pet her. =)


And as for Donny,

a tough old tomcat

that my wife had to trap

to him get neutered,

I couldn’t pet him for eight years;

if I tried, I would get hissing,

and usually a fast swipe

and a cut.


Still, I did the same thing

like I did with Lexie;

I talked to him softly everyday,

and gave him his treats

even if I was already bleeding.


After eight years of this,

one day, as he sat on top

of a feeding station,

I reached over

and scratched him on his head;

yet instead of taking a swipe at me,

he started to purr.


Now, every day, he sits in

that same spot,

waits for his treats,

and even after he has them,

he cries to get scratched

(lately he has even let me brush him).


This is how he is now:



However, it did take eight years of patience

to get to that point;

so don’t give up;

you may be right on the verge

of a breakthrough!

My theory is that God allows us pets

in order to help us

learn the virtues of patience,

compassion and empathy. =>


Have a great week!


grace, peace, and love to you,



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