Thursday, November 19, 2015

how we react




Well my dear ones,



As you well know,

we cannot control all the things

that may occur in our lives;

but we can control how we react to them.


For example, despite your best efforts,

you might get hacked by an identity thief.


And if so, how will you react?


You can get ticked off.


Or, you can have a little fun with it.


I mean, deal with the issue,

but don’t let it destroy your attitude.


When I saw I had been hacked

by cyber-hacker Steve,

who posing as me,

had bought some clothes in the UK,

I tried to halt the transaction;


since I’m not too computer-savvy,

it took me a few hours to fix things

after the fact.


Actually, I might have let him slide,

except for what he bought...


Oh wait, how rude of me;

there is one other person

whom I forgot to address...


*addressing the hacker*



Dear Cyber-Hacker Steve,



Since you hacked my email once,

you’ll likely try to again,

in which case there are a few things

I’d like to clear up with you.


I don’t know too much

about life across the pond,

but over here fraud & identity theft,

well, it’s just not how we roll

(God rocks!  And that’s how we roll!)

Sorry about calling the guys

with the big hats and Billy clubs on you,

but apparently cyber-crime is just as illegal

over there as it is here.


And speaking of cyber-crime,

let’s face’re just not too good at it.

I mean, if a dummy like me

can get your real name and address,

rescind your transaction,

and report you to the constables,

well, let’s just say

there’s a sharp learning curve ahead for you,

little buddy!


I think you need to

turn from your life of crime,

read the book “Mere Christianity”

by your countryman C.S. Lewis,

get yourself right with God,

and get into a good Bible-based church,

so Jesus can transform your life. =D


Oh, one last thing:

while I sincerely hope it never happens again,

should you EVER again try to

buy clothes in MY name,

at least buy something classy! one of those British tweed sport coats

with the suede patches on the elbows

...and NOT a pair of Spiderman pajamas!!!


I wouldn’t be caught dead

in a pair of Spiderman jammies! 

(What am I?  10-years-old?  Neither are you!)


(And judging by the size, they were for YOU,

 not your kid! @_@).


THAT’S what made me turn you in to the law. 


(Hint: they are never going to make an episode

of CSI Cyber about a guy who uses computers

to steal Spiderman jammies!!! 

Dude, you really need to find a new career. =>)


If you (as me) had bought something cool,

like a Sherlock Holmes hat,

I might have let you slide!


Blessings to you,




*reaction complete*


See what I mean?


The problem is resolved,

with no need to lose my temper,

and I even feel sorry for the guy.


I have chosen to maintain

a positive attitude about

the entire situation.


Except I am surprised

about one other thing:

I converted the UK pounds

into US dollars,

and the guy paid $45.67

for one pair of pajamas.


I don’t clothes shop too often;

hence, I’ll have to ask my wife,

but that sounds like a lot

for one pair of jammies!




However, they were

OFFICIAL Spiderman jammies,

so I guess that justifies

the cost. =D



Have a great week!


grace, peace, and love to you,





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