Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas gift ramble




Well my dear ones,



That time of year has snuck up on us again:

the frantic hectic “gotta-buy-something-for-


and-dis-me on-Facebook” time.


Facebook?  Smart phones?  Texting?


When did we as a society get the idea

that we need access to everyone,

and vice versa, 24/7?


When did we decide we want what we want

for the lowest price possible

and we want it sent over-night

to our doorstep,

only to be horrified by the low quality

and trash it the next day

to move on to the next new thing?


The only One to whom we need access 24/7

is God alone; and, thankfully, no smart phone

or Facebook account is needed for it. =D


One time, when I ran Ultra-light Boats,

a man came to me and said he wanted

one of my 24-pound kayaks.

But he didn’t want to buy the plans

and build it himself (fun & rewarding);

he wanted me to build one for him,

and he wanted to know the price

as well as how long it would take.


I told him it would cost $600

and take me at least 6 weeks.


Him: “I can go to Walmart and get one

for $199 and have it today!”


Me: “Yes, you can do that, but it will

weigh at least twice as much.”


Trying to tell him that quality costs

and craftsmanship takes time

did not work with this person.


Basically, he had seen one of my

24-pound-boats at a show, hanging in mid-air

from a couple of pieces of fishing line.

He thought it “looked cool”

so he just had to have one.


And that brings up a great point:

did he really need a kayak that light?

Was it an actual need,

based on his intended use?

Or would the Walmart one work just fine

for the distance he intended to carry it?


Years ago, a salesman did us a huge favor

(really huge, considering he was working

on commission and basically shorted himself).


My wife and I were looking at hot tubs,

and trying to decide on what size to get;

the salesman told us,

“Buy one for your actual needs,

 not your imagined needs.”


He elaborated that many people come in

and buy a 12-person hot tub,

just in case they have a picnic

and all the guests decide to try out

the hot tub all at the same time

(imagined need),

when 99.9 percent of the time

it will just be the guy and his wife

who will be using it (actual need).


We took his advice, and bought a small one,

small enough that it made the move

from Florida to Georgia,

and is still in use 10 years later

(just used it this morning;

 thank you most-cool salesperson! =>).


So, when it comes to gifts,

my wife and I try to take the time

(her much more so than me;

 my wife is awesome at this!)

to make sure it is something

that the recipient will use

and use for a very long time.


And let us not forget the best gift of all.

It’s something that will “cost you”

without affecting your wallet.


Long ago, my friend, Amber,

spoke to me about everyone wanting

a piece of her time;

hence, she was parsing out to those she loved

little slices of “Amber-time.”


I like the concept of that, and,

often times, a piece of your time

is what one of your loved ones

desires most of all.


Thus endeth my ramble. =>


May the peace of God,

the love of God,

the grace of God

be with you always;

may you have a blessed and awesome

and most Merry Christmas!



grace, peace, and love to you,



“For unto us a Child is born,

Unto us a Son is given;

And the government will be upon His shoulder.

And His name will be called

Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”


--- Isaiah 9:6 (NKJV) The Jesus Prophecy  


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