Monday, May 23, 2011



well my dear ones,

I've been thinking about a song called Time,
from the Pink Floyd album,
Dark Side of the Moon.

We're talking some time ago here (1973),
hence, some song facts for those
who may be unfamiliar with it:

Specifically, I was thinking about
one particular line,
"Hanging on in quiet desperation
 is the English way."

At the time he wrote it,
nigh well nearly 40 years ago,
Roger Waters thought it seemed to
sum up the English character.
Actually, it also summed up the character
of many other people as well.

Yet these days,
instead of quiet desperation,
many people I meet
seem to be living lives of
frantic desperation,
running through life
with little sense of direction,
and living on the edge.

Sometimes it's obvious
after a little conversation,
but often it's not;
there's plenty of people
you'll run into every day
who are right on the verge
of losing their last bit of hope
of rising up toward being
more than they ever knew
they could be.

A smile,
even though you maybe don’t feel like,
and a kind word of two from you,
could make all the difference.

May God grant you the grace
to have the discernment
to see who the truly frantic people are,
and to give them a word of encouragement.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,


"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
 God will not hold us guiltless.
 Not to speak is to speak.
 Not to act is to act."
      --- Dietrich Bonheoffer


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