Thursday, April 28, 2011

turn, turn, turn

“To everything (turn, turn, turn)
 There is a season, (turn, turn, turn)
 And a time to every purpose under Heaven.”
   --- from Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds

well my dear ones,

I was around when they came out with that song,
a catchy old rock tune for me,
a real blast from the past for most of you.

The Byrds were quoting Solomon
from the biblical book of Ecclesiastes*
(*in English, “The Preacher”
 ...there’s your bit of trivia for the day =>)

I’ve been thinking about that old song lately,
especially as it relates to one of the cats
that live in the sanctuary of our yard.

Donny was a big tough old tomcat
and I used to chase him away
because he would beat up on many
of our little kitties...he was a bully.

However, some months back,
Donny got really sick,
sick enough I thought he might die;
yet try as I could,
I could neither catch nor trap him,
as he is a really wily old feral cat.

Getting as close as I could,
I did put food and water out near him;
and in the fullness of time,
he got better.

He also lost his mean streak;
he’s still pretty skittish,
but a lot more mellow now,
and I haven’t seen him chasing
any of the other cats.

He pretty much keeps to himself,
But I found myself wondering,
“why is he hanging around here?”

Lately, the wildest and most un-catchable cat,
had a litter of two kittens;
one’s a little foofy white cat with a brown face
who kind of looks like a chocolate Persian,
and the other is a little brown and black
speckled cat with huge brown eyes.

We named the chocolate Persian Cocoa,
but she disappeared shortly thereafter;
gorgeous thing that she is,
I am sure someone trapped her and took her
because they wanted her.
And the other little kitty, Tammy,
was abandoned by her mother shortly after that.

Having no sibling or Mom to teach her
the proper way to play,
Tammy would try and sneak up and pounce
on the other kitties,
who basically wanted nothing to do with her.

I would watch through the window
as she tried to approach first one cat
then another, only to be left all alone.
She wanted a playmate so badly
it was kind of a sad thing to watch.

Eventually, she would find a twig
or a leave, or a ball to bat around,
and she would play all by herself.

But one day, after all the other cats
had taken off and left her,
I saw her go to one of the food bowls
where Donny was eating.
Tammy nuzzled up to him
and he stopped eating
and licked her on the head.

He's too old to play,
but she follows him around everywhere
and I'll catch them in the yard
sunning together.

Some animals are fine
just keeping to themselves,
but Tammy is not one of them.

There's a time and place for all things;
and I think Donny was put here
so Tammy wouldn't have to be alone.

If you haven’t found it yet,
may you find your own time and place
with the one meant for you.
Love can find you at any time;
I have seen it
(recall my college room mate’s
 two grandparents, who both found new love their late seventies!)

God is love
and not only gives love
but also loves you with a love
you can’t fully fathom in this lifetime;
hence, we can always live in hope.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,


"I have come that they may have life,
and that they may have it more abundantly."

                              --- Jesus


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