Friday, April 29, 2011



well my dear ones,

I’ve been writing a lot more lately
In order to try and get caught up;
because, yes, I am aware of the fact
that when I say, “Have a great week!
some of those “weeks” have been 10 to 14 days
...not cool; my bad & my apologies!

However, as I’ve said before,
I pray a lot about what I write
and strive never to write on my own power
but rather ask that the Spirit of God
would give me the words
that will lift people up.

Also, the words of this journal
are meant to be like a buffet;
some things will speak to you;
they are the things meant for you;
take them and use them.
Some things will not speak to you;
they are the things meant for someone else,
and you can just leave them on the plate. =)

As for calling on the Spirit of God for help,
it must be working to some degree,
for a couple of the posts
that resonated with people
I took and placed on their own pages
which I just went back and read...

One Note of Perfect Beauty


Who Are You?

...and they brought tears to my eyes.
How would that even be possible
if I wrote them on my own?

As I’ve said, this journal is for you;
and I know all y’all have busy lives;
that’s why I’ve said (many times)
no one has to comment or reply to anything,
unless they feel really led to so do;
these words are here for you
to (hopefully) encourage you
without the burden
of even having to respond.

However, once a year or so,
I do ask the question,
“Should I keep on writing these words?”

You tell me.

If even one person finds any value in them
and says, “yes,”
then I will keep pressing on; thank you.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,


“There is a God, and it's not you.
 Objective reality exists,
 and you don't control it.
 Truth exists, and it can be known.
 You are unique in all Creation;
 your life has meaning;
 and there is always hope.”

   --- The Ever Encouraging Word


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