Tuesday, June 24, 2014

where the wild things are


well my dear ones,



As I noted in the past,

we promised to take care of whatever

critters God chooses to send into

“the Sanctuary” (i.e. our back yard =>).


People have dumped a lot of kitties

that were either sick,

or they were just sick and tired

of taking care of and feeding them.


So far, we have re-homed 20 cats,

but there are still a bunch of them

living in the woods behind our house

(not to mention a possum, 2 foxes,

 and a couple of really porky raccoons).


My wife hired a professional trapper

(thanks, Jacqui!), and she trapped

most of the cats, although my wife

also trapped a bunch herself;

and by now they have all been

Trapped, Neutered, and Released

(TNR Program; most states have one).


One of the wildest feral cats,

and the last one to be trapped,

was Tammy;

although, as you can see,

she is not-too-wild anymore:





The next-most-wild critter was Toby,

who is also not-too-wild any longer:





However, even in our own backyard,

one should never get too complacent,

as one never knows when

God may send something our way

to increase our sense of wonder.


When my wife said she saw a fawn

cross the road right in front of our house,

I went out to investigate.


My wife said the poor thing was panting

from the heat and a lack of water;

so I took a bowl and a bottle of water,

and I found her out back in my neighbor’s yard.


Even though she’s totally wild,

she was also really thirsty;

she kept a close eye on the water

that I was pouring for her and

the poor little spud let me get within

about 15 feet of her,

which is the closest I’ve ever been

to a wild deer.


Here she is as I first approached her:





And as she turned when I was

setting the bowl down for her:





Well, one doesn’t often get that many chances

to get so close to a wild animal

(and she was really beautiful!),

so I thought I would share that with you.


Have a great week. =)


grace, peace, and love to you,



“The Lord God is my strength;

 He will make my feet like deer’s feet,

 And He will make me walk on my high hills.”


      --- Habakkuk 3:19


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