Tuesday, July 03, 2012

this is your life

well my dear ones,

Lately I find myself falling into a trap,
the fairly common trap of waiting,
waiting for my life to begin.

It's pretty easy for anyone
to fall into a mind set of thinking,
"I'll start REALLY living
just as soon as...
as soon as I get that promotion
as soon as I get more money
as soon as I get that girl/guy
as soon as my ship comes in
as soon as things start going my way...

But this already is my life, your life,
the only life we're going to get,
and the only time we have to live it
is now.

We can dream about the future,
but we can't live there;
we can reminisce about the past,
the glory days gone by,
we can reflect on those happy days,
yet we shouldn't let that keep us
from the living the even better days,
the todays.

Each day, God gives us an awesome gift,
the dawn of a new day,
to make of it what we will.

Let's not wait;
let's make the most of our todays.

Have a great week &
a Happy 4rth of July!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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