Monday, May 21, 2012

the weak

well my dear ones,

A short time ago,

I started being able to pick up

a small feral cat, Nadine,

who was too elusive to capture,

so I stared luring her with treats.

But as I was about to put her in a carrier

to bring her to the vet,

my wife cautioned that she looked thinner

than she had been, and that she

might have a kitty under the shed.

As it turned out she had four...

She moved them around, as mama kitties do,

till she felt they were safe.

But one night, I noticed that

she had 3 kitties with her,

and I could here the 4rth one crying;

I could see it in the old nest;

its eyes were crusted shut,

and I was afraid she was going

to abandon it, and leave it as unviable,

and not bring it to the new nest

with the other 3 kittens.

That may be the "natural" way,

however, as Nature is broken since the Fall,

I saw no reason to let nature take its course.

Long ago, when I started training in Kung Fu,

our instructor taught us something

that I was to hear repeated in many schools

of several different martial arts,

namely that,

"It is the duty of the strong

to protect the weak."

Not too surprisingly, this oriental saying

even has biblical support;

in his letter to the Romans,

the apostle Paul writes,

"We then that are strong

ought to bear the infirmities of the weak,

and not to please ourselves."

I didn't have it within me

to leave a small crying kitten to die.

So, I took the little spud

and washed its eyes till it could see,

and then put it back with Mama,

who accepted it into the new nest.

Except for the one gray kitty

(who I think is a girl kitty)

the other three triplets

often wake up with one or both eyes closed;

yet they have fallen into the morning

routine of,

"Our Mama gives us milk,

then the big stupid kitty without fur

washes our little eyes

so we can see to find the kitty food."

(they have little fat tummies now

 and are playful and happy together)

Do I think it actually matters,

like matters to God,

that even on this small scale

the natural was set aside

to fulfill the principle

of the strong protecting the weak?

Yes; I do think so.

I think nothing any of us does

to help and protect the weak

will ever go unnoticed.

And there will always be those

who are weaker and poorer than us

and who are in need of our help,

even with the smallest of things.

May we have the will and heart

to help them as we are able.

Have a great week!

grace, peace, and love to you,



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