Wednesday, March 16, 2016

faith and love (learned from dogs)

Well my dear ones,
Recently, my friend, Jim,
was sermonizing about dogs.
He’s a pastor;
singers vocalize;
pastors sermonize;
it’s what they do. =>
Anyway, he was sermonizing about dogs,
and how loving and passionate they are
whenever they see their owners,
and how, if you were to go away,
for even a few minutes,
as soon as you came back,
they’d be all,
“Hey, you’re back!
 How great to see you!
 I love you!
 You’re awesome!”
Last week,
I had a chance to put this to the test,
as I spent 2 nights at houses with dogs.
On Tuesday night,
I was with my friends, Terry and Jenny,
and their 3 dogs:
Daisy, Angel, and Cocoa
(aka “CocoaPuffs” cuz’ she’s puffy =>).
All three dogs were all over me;
when I sat on the couch,
it was a dogpile to see
which one could get me to pet them first.
And if I went out to the garage,
for even just a minute,
to get something off my bike,
as soon as I came back in,
all 3 piled on me and were like,
“Luv you, man!...but pet me first!” =D
On Wednesday night,
I stayed with my friend Mark,
and his 2 dogs, Allie and Layla.
Those 2 girls are pretty much
devoted to Mark.
But once he left for work
the next day,
they were vying for my attention,
vying for treats,
and vying to be the first one
put on a leash and walked.
Mark left so early
I figured I’d lay on the couch
and grab a few zzz’s before I left.
With her Dad gone,
Allie hopped up on my chest,
gave me a look like,
“Well, you’re not my Daddy,
 but you’ll do;”
and went to sleep on me.
It was so sweet;
even after I woke up,
I stayed still till she woke up,
as I didn’t want to disturb her rest.
Hence, I think there is
much wisdom in what Pastor Jim
had to say about dogs.
All these pups made me think
of a sign I saw once in a vet’s office:
“God, please make me into the person
 that my dog already thinks I am.”
All these dogs have such love for their owners,
and such faith that they will take care of them.
I think if we had the same faith in God
that our dogs have in us,
if we had the same love for God
that our dogs have for us,
...well, in that case,
I think we’d be as happy as these pups,
which is quite happy indeed. =)
Have a blessed week!
grace, peace, and love to you,


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