Sunday, September 09, 2012

the God who cares


well my dear ones,


Do you ever wonder if God cares,

cares about the day-to-day things in our lives?


I have a friend who lost a brother,

years ago under tragic circumstances.

Whenever the month comes around

wherein that happened,

it's a very tough time for him.


This year, as the month approached,

I sent myself a reminder,

and left myself a voicemail

(sadly, I do that more and more lately

 for a great many things)

to make sure to post something

in my friend's journal.


But I must be getting too old,

because even the reminders didn't work.

Then one morning, I woke up

with a feeling of urgency,

a feeling that I needed to get up

and post a message to my friend right now.


So I did.


And when I got a reply from him later that night

he reminded me that that day was the day,

the anniversary of the actual day of his loss.


So when even my good intentions

and reminders to myself failed,

God, the God who cares for my friend's grief,

put on my heart at just the right time

a reminder of what I needed to do.


Whenever we reach out to someone else

who is hurting,

we become the hands of God in this life;

and the same God who had me reach out to my friend

is the same God who cares for us all.


Have a great week!


grace, peace, and love to you,



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