Thursday, September 20, 2012




well my dear ones,


Last Saturday, a really tiny kitten

wandered out of the woods out back.


It looked to be about 2 weeks old,

but on closer inspection

I think she was more like 4 weeks

but had been without food

for about the last two.

I think her Mom died

and she finally crawled out of the nest

to go in search of food.


She was so weak

that when I picked her up

she didn't even try to bite me

even though she was a wild animal.


She was so tiny she had to be bottle fed.


After a couple of days

she could eat food in milk.

We're taking care of another kitten,

so we put Lulu in with Heidi at night

so she wouldn't feel lonely.

Heidi snuggled with her

and groomed her;

and in the mornings,

the two of them would cry

to be let out of the office

to get their food.


For such a tiny thing,

Lulu could howl like a banshee!

If she wasn't sleeping or eating,

she had to be picked up and held

or she would cry piteously.


My wife had to make a little sling

so she could hold Lulu while she

was working on the computer and such.


If they were both on my lap

and she was snuggling with her Sis,

that would make Lulu happy, too.


Sadly, Lulu wasn't eating enough;

I was going to take her in

to the animal hospital this morning,

but she didn't make it.

She wasn't at the door crying this morning;

I went in and found her in her little bed.

She meowed and looked up at me;

and my wife and I took turns holding her

and trying to warm her,

but she passed away.


We were so sad.

I think her little organs got damaged

by going too long without food;

but Lulu was still such a little fighter;

she fought her way out of wherever her Mom

had stashed her.

And she made it all the way to our yard.


So, I was like,

"God, why did you send us this little thing

just to have her die 5 days later?"


I've been thinking about that all day,

and I think I have somewhat of an answer.


Very much like Queenie,

the dog I "owned" for a just a few hours,

Lulu did not die alone.

Like Queenie,

she died held by someone who loved her.


We only had Lulu for 5 days,

but we loved her a whole bunch.

She opened our hearts

and expanded our compassion.


I don't think anyone can love too much;

no one ever (correctly) said,

"His heart was too big,"


"She had too much compassion."


So, I think the wisdom of God

is 57,000 times superior

to the wisdom of dave.

I think we should love

all the people

and all the pets

in our lives

no matter what the length of time

God grants them to be with us.


May you have a week

where you get to love someone

or something


that it expands your heart.


grace, peace, and love to you,


"Rest in peace, Lulu;
we prayed God grant you a place in Deep Heaven
so we can love on you some more."


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