Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Whitney Houston

Well my dear ones,




I haven’t said much lately

because I haven’t had much to say.


Due to current events,

I was going to talk about

my old friend, “the Love Doctor,”

but every time I went to write,

I got the feeling “not now.”


Instead, in the fullness of time,

God laid it on me to talk about

Whitney Houston.


I grew up listening to her,

and I always loved her amazing voice,

which others have even called

“the voice of an angel.”


Before her rise in the music world,

she honed her voice at the

New Hope Baptist Church in Newark NJ.


Whitney hit the music world in 1985;

a rising star,

she sold over 170 million records worldwide;

she was also the only artist with

seven consecutive No. 1 Billboard hits.


Sadly, along with her great fame

came a great fall;

the whole world saw her fame and beauty marred

by her battle with a powerful addiction

to drugs and alcohol.


But according to Houston's spiritual mother,

gospel music legend Shirley Caesar,

there was another side of the songstress

much of the world failed to see –

a woman who loved and desired God in her life.


In her final days,

friends claim Houston had a premonition

about her death;

that she "felt like her time was coming"

and "really wanted to see Jesus."

Two days before her death,

Witney sang "Jesus Loves Me"

at the Tru night club in Los Angeles.

It would be her last song to the world.


impromptu at the club:


full live version of the same some here:



In the 1996 movie "The Preacher's Wife,"

she stood alongside Denzel Washington

to tell a story of inspiration and redemption

through God -- singing songs like

"I Love the Lord" and "He's All Over Me."


Well if the Bible’s right

(and my 7 years of research says it is =>),

then Whitney is alive right now,

alive more so than we are at this moment.


“Whitney!  Love you, girl!

 I look forward to seeing you in heaven;

 mayhap you’ll let me play bass for you

 (...first I need God to grant me more talent

  so I can be worthy of that honor =>)

 You’re an inspiration to me,

 and that’s how I’ll remember you

 till I see you in person.”  ---dave


grace, peace, and love to you,



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